Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Remains of the Day

Will the tory Remainers be prepared to bring down their own government and usher in a Corbyn administration in order to keep the UK in the EU? Do not put it past them they are that desperate and will stoop to any means. Corbyn may appear anti EU but his party is pretty much of the opinion that the country should stay in the EU by hook or by crook and their strategy is to pretend we are leaving whilst advocating we remain in all the EU institutions like customs union single market etc.

It would be good incidentally if the likes of Laura Kuunsberg stopped talking about a 'finely balanced cabinet between Remainers and Brexiters when the last time I checked out of the 23  or so cabinet members 17 of them are Remainers! I guess she must be using her own special Kuunsberg dictionary .

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