Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Geldolf makes Dublin an offer it can't refuse

Arch serial bore Gob Geldolf has offered Dublin an ultimatum: either San shoe Sue goes or I'm going, to which Dublin should fire back 'Sure,give us the keys and don't let the door hit your sorry precious ass on your way out.' Poor Sue  shoi does not seem to have done much wrong. We cannot see what is going on in Burma (not its' Pc name)other than in context: the number one source way above any other for world conflict and misery is emanating from the followers of Mohamud (piss be upon him). Who would want them in their country? Even meditating peace loving Buddhists can't live with them. No country can -even muslim ones! When they are not killing foreigners -the other, the Kaffurs they are killing each other. Whatever moxie the Buddhists have we could do with some.

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