Sunday, November 26, 2017

School's Out - but only just

Labour's fixation with the youth vote is very revealing. Those who have been round the block a few times or even remember when the unreconstructed Labour Left was last in power are under no illusion what socialism means in preactice let alone theory and would have none of it.

Only the youth preferably 16yrs old wet behind the ears militantly ignorant,mentally unformed living in a totally dependent world where only black and whites exist and even they are tenuously grasped would be prey and fodder to the socialist siren call of Marxist in its most virulent toxic form.

It is just as questionable that 18 yr old university students should be given the vote either as they are merely degenerate forms of the abovementioned in whom the rot is more pronounced and aggressively manifest in all its decadent ultra naieve nihilistic progressive delinquency.

And they don't pay taxes -so we have the inversion of the principle of no taxation without representation and just as a grevious corruption.

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