Sunday, June 18, 2017

Howard Jacobson: A Study in Pure Evil

In BBC's R4 Points of View Howard Jacobson likened Brexiteers to Nazis and Remainers to French resistance fighters inWW2. As if this was not obscene and unconscionable enough he went on to compound the moral outrage by claiming those who won the referendum and were telling the losers to 'get over it' were like those who said survivors of the Holocaust and Auschwitz should get over it and seek closure. It was a case he continued of 'sore winners' re the Leavers. No Mr Jacobson the reason the Leavers are so mad at smug liberals like you is the entitlement culture you embody that makes you think the result should be reversed and it should liberal establishment business as usual.The contempt for democracy that such liberals exhibit belies the idea that they believe in it and reveals that their defence of is dependent upon them prevailing politically and if they are rejected by the majority they are quite prepared to throw their democracy out the window.This is the shocking reveleation that the referendum result has revealed.

That the BBC saw fit to air Jacobson's rant is indicative of the cancerous state of liberal thought in the early 21st century.

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