Sunday, November 05, 2017

Iran -the Final Solution?

Of course no one but the parties concerned namely Israel and the US know if plans are afoot to militarily take out Iran but judging from past form of which we have a lot especially from the US I would say it is extremely unlikely and as I say it is only speculation but one thing I do know is that Trump is a sheep in wolves clothing, a man who clearly cannot tell the difference between words and actions and uses the former as a substitute for the latter. He inverts the Truman dictum Speak loudly and carry a, well,nothing actually.Shooting from the lip rather than the hip he has achieved that rare almost unique feat of having his lame duck period at the start of his presidency rather than at the end.He is to put it in the blunt language of which he would no doubt himself approve, a Blowhard president par excellence.

So Iran will wax stronger than it is already and Trump will Tweet himself into history's footnotes -if we get to have a history that is and Iran does not take us all on an eschatological journey to nuclear hell which is the inevitable endgame of leaving it to its own nefarious devices.

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