Saturday, June 17, 2017

Praised Be the State

Faith in the state to deliver salvation is no less irrational than faith in God yet it is such a common delusion held in spite of all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary that it has to be acknowledged that  statism is indeed the new secular religion,the faith that passeth all understanding.No matter how many times it is demonstrated that a large intrusive invasive state pledged to provide people's every need and watch over them permanently from the cradle to the grave creates dependency infantilism,delinquency and an illiberal state that tramples on individual rights in pursuit of the collectivist ideal still people cling stubbornly to its nostrums and promises, holding to the Augustinian precept 'I believe because its unbelievable'.

No matter how many millions of corpses have been sacrificed to this statist ideal,never mind,the morality is pure and will ultimately lead to the New Jurusalem. Just a bit more sacrifice,a few more corpses and the eschatological destination will be reached.

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