Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Poor Matthew! (Yeah, Wright).

One almost feels for the simpering rabid EUphile Matthew Wright as he twists himself into pretzels of simmering rage over the Brexit Brussels 'negotiations' (which seem more like the demands of hostage takers to me).After excoriating the Telegraph for daring to call the Brexit quslings 'mutineers' he insisted with all the sincerity of a politician on the take that he was neutral in the debate.

It's not his fault. This absurd pantomime pretense of neutrality that tv presenters are forced to be party to is the result of the antediluvian broadcasting rules which stipulate in effect that presenters must have no bias re politics and present both sides. We all know this is impossible as the writhing Euphile Matthew illustrates ever other day on his detestable daytime prog so why not dispense with the rank hypocrisy and let every presenter wear his political bias or predisposition on his sleeve so the viewers can be accorded some respect as adults and not treated like children who can't tell the difference between between a Left and Right winger or Brexiter and Remoaner.Please!

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