Monday, June 12, 2017

Democracy in Crisis

Democracy is not inherently corrupt as it denotes a voting process that has been perverted by egalitarian concepts such as redistribution of wealth which were never originally intended and which has led to a perversion of liberty. If the role of the state was properly delimited voting in a democracy would be over minor details not fundamental issues involving individual rights and their violation as in the present system.

Such safeguards are essential if democracy is not to lead to demagoguery but as this past election has showed it is perilously in danger of  happening ,throwing up a demagogue in the form of Corbyn. It should not be forgotten that Hitler was elected legitimately in a democratic process but that did not save Germany from his egregious depradations.

Corbyn was never subject to the close inspection and criticism by the broadcasting media as the incumbent party and was never once referred to as leader of the 'far left'  as the tory party would have been if it adopted  extreme views in the opposite direction   undoubtedly being referred to as a 'far right' party.

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