Saturday, September 30, 2017

Faux Liberalism and its Malcontents

One of the cancers of the age is the phenomena of illiberalism masquerading as liberalism. The rot set in the latter part of the 19th century when the liberal party went rogue and started flirting with socialism and welfare and indeed it prefigured the 20th century full blown version in the post war Labour government with wholesale nationalsation and welfarism.

Today the cancer of illiberalsim has all but devoured classic liberalism in its all invasive advanced statism that will not leave any area of human experience untouched by the clammy hand of the state whether it be human action words thoughts and emotions even.

The closing down of Uber by the Transport for London authority is one of thousands of illiberal state incursions into freedom and markets that masquerades as liberal and concern for the public good which is a transparently self serving rationale for yet another state powe rgrab and sop to the unions who have long lobbied against Uber and what they rightly regard as the threat it posed to their cosy state enforced monopoly of the taxi service in the city.

Illiberalism flying under the false colours of liberalism poses the greatest threat to freedom since feudalistic times albeit it is worse as the latter never made any pretence that it was doing anything other than holding down a whole class of people to further its own class hegemony and tyranny whereas the modern liberal is forever wearing his liberalism on his heart proclaiming his love of the people  as he busily deprives the unwary subjects of the last few remaining liberties left to them.

It is very hard to criticise this faux liberalsim without running the risk of the charge of illiberalism oneself so captured has the word been by the faux liberals.It will be very hard to break though the carapace of liberalism they have cased themselves in to reveal the true tyrannical nature of their programme and fully expose its malevolent intent. 

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