Monday, December 04, 2017

Open Letter To Trump

Stop twittering and take out North Korea. The idea of a nuclear tipped missile winging its way to the UK -well it would spoil my whole day. Please do not conflate bluster with action.Your bragaddociao has made America the laughing stock of the world and you are only one year into the presidency.What have you accomplished? I shall leave the rest of this page blank -nada nicht nothing.A few timorous tax reforms.

Right now you are doing a brilliant impersonation of the Wizzard of Oz. The world knows you are full of sound and fury signifying nothing.Kim very ill knows it too believe me which he why he keeps on hurling weapons hither and thither.The enemy sense your weakness,your paper tigerishness.Donal get your gun,you ain't foolin anyone.

Your moral impotence is in inverse proportion to your bluster. Striking poses,looking bullish will not cut it.You think you will be heard for much twittering, your strenght is mad imperfect by weakness. Instead of being castigated by the Left for things they accuse you of doing which you are not doing why not be castigated by them for actually doing those things?

You end up in the absurd position of being attacked for values you do not possess or choose not to act upon - the worst of all possible outcomes.

Even your base will rumble you sooner or later unless  of course what you have going which many suspect is a cult,like Bernie Sanderism and Corbynism where the glassy eyed adherents sing your lavish praises no matter what you do or fail to do.Like the character in 1984 as long as you give your acolytes their daily one minute of tweet hate they will continue to swoon at your clay feet and keep on taking the Trump tablets. 

Meanwhile the world goes to hell in a handcart,bereft of a moral steer and in that vaccum what hell awaits when the greatest military power in human history cowers before muslim troglodytes in caves and a psychopathic Marxist in the dysopia of North Korea?

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