Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Corbyn. Appearance v Reality

Have the chattering twittering classes got Corbyn all wrong though? Is he the insurgent gadfly on the political establishment as he is presented or have we all been taken in by the radicalist posturing which when examined a little closer doesn't really hold up at all.

I would suggest that far from being a radical change agent Corby is the political establishment personified. In the age of mixed economy statism to be arguing for yet more statist controls on business and trade and the economy, less individual autonomy, more oppressive paternalist government not less, an expansion of the bloated welfare state which saps initiative and self reliance and depresses economic growth is the most reactionary articulation of the political class it would be possible to imagine.

Not trusting the British people, suspecting them of holding unnaceptable non politically correct views,seeking to circumvent their wishes and desires by a top down centralist statism is not radical but profundly regressive and undemocratic.

Today's youth are conservative,risk averse,whiny,neurotic,fragile dependent and fully steeped in the entitlement grievance culture and Corbyn far from being the radical firebrand of subversion is their political enabler and comfort blanket, the facilitator of their neurotic flight from reality and low moral intellectual horizons. The mischaracterization of Corbyn as radicalism personified could therfor well be one of the greatest political con tricks and frauds of modern times

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