Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Prince Hewit? A Paternity Test Perchance?

Well I think this should be cleared up especially as the head of state may very well skip a generation as the plant talking - muzlim loving - spidery writing - meddling eco maniacal all round nut job Charles is invited into premature retirement and one of the sons is anointed and as the eldest is clearly dopey to say the very least the crown may well fall on the affable ex playboy  media savvy gingery one notwithstanding his recent comments and protestations about being a reluctant member of the Firm.

Thus the monarchy is neatly saved from its well deserved and overdue place in the dustbin of history and revivified with new blood to live to plunder another day and another day into the distant future. But whose blood is Harry's -I think its the least his put upon indentured slave taxpayers who are supporting him in the manner to which he has become all too obvioulsy accustomed are entitled to know especially as the media sycophancy over this sickly and degenerate dysfunctional outfit is about to go into mega fawning fulsome nauseating forelock tugging overdrive in the next few months.

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