Friday, June 16, 2017

One Religion is all Religions

If Christianity and Islam were only formed 40 years ago objectively speaking they would  rightly be viewed as cults but time and longevity has lent to them (totally unjustified in my estimation), respectability and gravitas to the point where criticism and satire of them is actually regarded and treated as a 'hate crime' punishable by prosecution and even jail not to mention imminent threat of death re Islam.

The UK state is not an impartial observer as it should be regarding institutions of faith as it is wedded to the state religion of Christianity re the Church of England and it is imperative that this ceases to be the case and disestablsihment should proceed apace in conjunction with the dissolution of the monarchy which is inextricably bound up with it and is the institutional constitutional physical manifestation of faith re the ancient heritage of the 'divine right of kings'.

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