Friday, December 15, 2017

Tories Time for a er, Realignment?

I've been saying for some time that the tories need to have a Corbynesque internal purge,open up party membership to the public as Milliband did with Labour at a fiver a time and it will quickly become apparent that the membership are far to the right for want of a better word than its MPs.

This is the only hope for the party if it is to have a future,to recognize that the public are restless and Brexit-intolerant of leftist malcontents within the tory ranks who it is becoming painfully obvious if left unchecked will drag us all screaming back into the clammy embrace of the Brussels federasts.

A day of reckoning with these running dogs of leftist revisionism is long overdue,they do not belong in the party and never did - the Ken Clarkes  Soubreys and prince of darkness himself Dominic Grieve and the sorry cabal of their acolytes,nameless nonentities all who should be driven out of the party on a rail -presumably to the open arms of the Labour and Liberal ranks.

So be rid of its traitorous treacherous vermin or allow them to drag the whole party down in ignominous defeat and certain Corbyn hegemony from which consequent economic catastrophe and depradation  this country could very well never recover.

Suitably purged of its broad church satanic leftist Brusselphiiliac cliques it could then have a clear unobstructed path to Brussels,suitably armed with with cast iron ultimatums and demands brooking no dissent or compromise.If it is spurned it will go to WTO rules forthwith and sail off to brighter shores and sunnier uplands free from the oppressive yoke of the Brussels potentates who can devour themselves, no longer having the productive UK to batten on for their parasitic sustenance.

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