Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Illiberal Hegemony Potemkin Village

There is no Left at one end and Right at the other -its a lie as there is Left and Right at one end and libertarian small delimited state at the other. The Left and Right should make it official and merge,come clean and fess up to the bipartisan ideological affinity and brothers under the skin kin ship they share and stop fooling everyone including perhaps themselves.Their cognitive dissonance re this obvious reality of the state of affairs is deafening and occludes the reality beneath that it is a monumental stitchup by the political elite establishhment to deprive the electorate of political plurality and choice - to effectively disenfranchise them,to create a barrier of separation between the state and the people it ostensibly represents -which it never did or  has done anyway..

This Giant Deception is preventing a much needed realignment in British politics and is a roadblock to genuine democracy,sucking the oxygen out of the polity facilitating ever greater statism and robbing people of their liberty birthright.

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