Friday, June 16, 2017

Living in a Political World

If every fire,every flood,every natural disaster is political then we really are moving ever closer to totalitarianism. Is there anything that the State is not responsible for? It is already policing our thoughts, emotions,loves and hates and now it has taken control over every element of existence itself. Listening to the wailing and gnashing of teeth and demands for government action over the fire tragedy is like listening to semi free serfs demanding more chains.

Statist politicians are demanding more state control,evading the fact that the tragedy in London was caused by State control of housing which is the most regulated in the world and the fact is that the tragedy and regulations cannot be separated as they are causally linked. So too it must  be noted that there were environmentalist factors and agendas dictating regulation policy that impacted on the fire.

None of these things of course will be addressed in the post mortem amidst the hysteria, political cynicism and opportunism and all the wrong conclusions will be drawn about the imperative for yet more regulations and state control of housing.

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