Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Can the West Survive?

Enlightenment values appear to be in mortal danger as the West coasts on their remnants whilst recklessly abandoning all their core premises of free speech,individual rights free trade etc.With America succumbing to a crypto fascist agenda of protectionism,virulent nationalism religious fundamentalism,violation of 1st Ammendment principles and Europe even further down that road of serfdom it is hard to see how the West can avoid spiralling into a vortex of statist illiberal collectivism,corruption and tyranny. The over regulating taxing State is encroaching on individual liberties and will eventually crush them completely if this direction of travel is not arrested pretty soon. As all the centres of learning,the universities and intelligentisa have been taken over by illiberal thought and practices,silencing debate,demonising free speech and jailing people with politically incorrect views it seems inevitable that the final collapse into a prolonged period of hysteria,emotionalism and unreason will result. Freedom has to be fought for daily and not traded away for security and fuzzy feelings.Who will defend it and upon what philosophical ground when that ground has been eroded out of existence and only empty platitudes and bromides of subjectivist emotionalism remain?

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