Saturday, February 25, 2017

Always Let Your Reason Be Your Guide

Intuition and instinct -avoid them like the plague! Religionists love to encourage folk to rely on intuition because it fosters credulity which they count on to perpetrate their fraud. Apply reason to religion and its ridiculous claims fall at the very first inspection.Intuition on the other hand allows people to play it deuces wild,there is nothing that cannot be regarded as plausible if one relies on the inner reverberations of intuition.Its on the 'I feel it in my water' scale of nonsense and mountebanks depend upon such anti scientific irrational bases of belief to ply their evil trade of deception and dissimulation. Religious frauds urge their credulous flock to listen to the inner voice,the 'wordless word', ie intuition and not 'lean to their own understanding', to relinquish their mind to a higher mystical entity. It is a de facto psychotic's charter.Intuition rather than being as its advocates preposterously claim a higher state of consciousness reduces man back to the pre reason level of mind emptying abnegation and intellectual anhiliation.

Instinct is another false foundation of action as human beings are no longer animals and have to use their conceptual faculties to reason out what is good and bad. Relying on instinct will take human beings right back to the cave where reason was but a nascent flicker of the future and brute force and instinct early man's only guide to perform the rudimentary actions necessary for mere subsistence survival.

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