Monday, February 13, 2017

Kim ill Trump

Its hard to see how a mentally unstable narcissist like Trump is going to be able to deal with a mentally unstable narcissist Kilm ill North Korea. This is a man who thinks you can do a deal with the Devil and has spent his life cronying up to every authority for economic gain. The man would not know a moral principle if it kicked him in the teeth. Now more than ever we need principled ideological stand against evil whether it be the theocratic Islamic Nazi regime of Iran or the psychopathic state of North Korea. Expect only bungling and empty bombast from the intellectual pygmy who has inveighled himself into the Whitehouse with empty braggadocio and verbal wind. His refusal to even mention Pakistan and the Gulf state,Saudi Arabia is indication that no morality is governing his actions,just arbitrary knee jerk emotionalist spasm and his economic ties with Saudi Arabia show a president hopelessly compromised and mired in corruption which could well ultimately and inexorably lead towards impeachment proceedings down the line.

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