Sunday, February 12, 2017

Religion and other lies

Elderly people who have been scammed are very reluctant to admit  or talk about it,ashamed and embarrassed at the credulity involved and the same applies to those caught up in a cult,it is a source of embarrassment to them.For the same reason many people hold on to the same belief all their lives as to reject it would involve having to admit that they had been wrong all that time and this could explain the hold religion has on its glassy eyed adherents but also just as worrying the same could well apply to people's political allegiances.Political beliefs resemble religious ones in that they bypass the cerebral cortex and exist in a non rational locus.The connection between religious and political beleifs has already been made here -how else could people blindly accept the idea of self sacrifice,altruism,man being his brother's keeper explicit in all collectivist statist socialist fascist ideologies had he not already been softened up by religion to accept such a notion.

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