Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robo Tax

Not kidding,the greatest entrepreneur of the late 20th century Bill Gates thinks companies that employ robots rather than human beings should be taxed heavily to retard the process of robotisation of the workplace because it will leave some workers behind and the money should be used to retrain them in government funded programmes. When did new technology ever lead to mass unemployment -it creates new jobs by the gazillion and why should the inclination to stagnate and not progress amongst some workers hold everything else back? Its a monstrous collectivist altruist assault on progress and freedom and sits ill on someone who achieved phenomenal billionairehood by being ambitious,innovatory,radical,revolutionary and massively technologically disruptive his whole career. Apparently the arch altruist Warren Buffet is corrupting poor Bill with such ideas which sit equally odd and incongruously on someone who has made billions as a rugged individualistc traider in the capitalist system with not a trace of altruism in any of his financial forays. How quickly entrepreneurs discard everything that made them mega successfull and go native as soon as they put their big toe in politics.

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