Sunday, February 05, 2017

UK Republicans: Seize the Day!

If not now, when? On the eve of the sucession to the throne of a man who all by all accounts is mentally unstable, talks to plants, thinks the only problem with Islam is that we are not accommodating enough to it,subscribes to the arrant charlatanism and quakery of homeopathic 'medicine' and the irrational anti scientific pseudo science of environmentalism and who seems to spend most of his time penning rambling semi coherent missives to ministers, breaching every convention of non royalist intervention in political affairs the time has never been riper for a concerted political organisational philosophical intellectual assault on the monarchy as an immoral excrescence of a bygone tyranny long due for abolition.

In my 35 year close interest in politics I can honestly say I have never even heard or seen a debate or critique of the UK monarchy in this country which is a staggering indictment of our media in a so called free country illustrating  the sinister extent the monarchy has made the press a lickspittle to its will and has gained an unhealthy ascendancy over the intelligentsia who seem happy to play the role of court sycophants and lackeys to this corrupt and morribund institution that likes nothing better than to hobnob with fellow royals in Saudi Arabia with their blood soaked tyrannies and bronze age barbarism.

Now is the time to launch an all out assault as I say on the British Monarchy and its putrid toxic legacy of parasitism and arbitrary rule, representing as it does everything that is backward and intellectually sclerotic in our culture and public life and to end the cringing forelock tugging obesiance we show towards this tawdry criminal family sitting on vast appropriated wealth and sucking the life force out of its hapless captive tax enslaved subjects.

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