Friday, February 24, 2017

Objectivism: For Real Life or the Ivory Tower?

(The following are just some lucubrations and not intended to be of interest to the general reader.)

Does Objectivism have any practical application besides being a great intellectual philosophical system? There are many great entrepreneurs who have built vast business empires who have never heard of or read Ayn Rand and it is hard to see how their business could be improved by doing so other than that they would be more defensive of what they do and speak out against State encroachment and meddling in business that cripples enterprise and regards it as a necessary evil rather than a moral virtue. In other words Objectivism has great political applications but I confess to struggling rather to see how it can improve a person's life in their daily activities. If a businessman who is mega successful started arguing for capitalism rather than collectivism as most business people seem to do, that would be a great improvement and would change the culture.It is just on a personal level that I wonder what real value and application it has and it is certainly not something that is discussed much in Objectivist circles.

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