Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beware, Business Politicians at Work

Something rather odd happens to business people when they get involved in politics,a subject I have touched on briefly elsewhere and it is a strange phenomenon. One might reasonably assume that a businessman would be more sympathetic to free markets and capitalism than to state meddling but invariably this is far from the case and it might be instructive to examine why. Lots of business people have been corrupted by the coercive involvement of the state into business affairs re tax,regulation,licencing etc so they think it natural and a matter of course that governments should be intimately involved in the business world and workplace.Another reason business people seem dictatorial in their political views and ideas is that they are used to being masters of all they survey within their business universe and merely transfer such autocratic approach to politics. They are people who like to get things done,act decisively and unless they have a strong ideological belief in free markets they are apt to see all the levers of the State as there be used to produce the desired result -regardless of what individual rights are being violated in the process.Arbitrary decisions that brook no dissent may be acceptable when running a personal business fiefdom but this cannot translate happily to the operations of the State with the public reduced to mere employees who should put up or shut up.

Business and the State are odd bedfellows and their unholy alliance is doomed to failure as they are completely different entities with different roles and purposes and to attempt to meld them together is an exercise in futility and ultimately disaster as we may well discover when Trump has finished rampaging through American politics, leaving what I fully predict will be a trail of havoc behind him..

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