Thursday, February 16, 2017

PC Endgame

I never believed the advocates of political correctness who claimed back in the day in its defense that it was just an issue of good manners and decency and respect towards others and now that people have actually ended up being thrown in jail in the UK and other places for merely expressing a wrong opinion on homosexuality,transgender, race etc the sheer sinister nature of PC is there for all to see in all its grim fascistic evil. Hate crime,hate speech,thought crime this is the end game of leftist totalitarians and it has now gone mainstream and been incorporated into law. Not even Orwell would have imagined this in his country of birth even in his darkest pessimism about human nature. It is bad enough that our universities have been turned into sanitised safe spaces where no expression of thought is allowed to upset the delicate sensibilities of the students but now the whole country has been designated a safe space and wo betide anyone who speaks out of line and takes an unconventional view of anything because they are going to have their collar felt.It couldn't happen here? - it just has. Worse even than that, the almost total silence on the matter from the general public.

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