Saturday, February 18, 2017

Anti Corporation League

It is weird how a perfectly good phone in programme on the evils of business rates can quickly morph and deteriorate into an anti corporation /anti Big Business fest as it it did on Ian Dale's Drive prog on LBC last evening led shamefully it must be said by himself as he lambasted Big Business for getting away with light taxation - which is untrue anyway as it pays the lions share as all surveys have shown. This hatred of big business and corporations which callers to the programme joined in on is verging on the pathological and paranoiac. In business big is beautiful and often we mistakenly fetishise the corner shop for the hard truth is that they cannot compete on price as they do not have the economy of scale of big business and corporations and far from demonising the latter we should be forever grateful that they provide an amazingly great service to the poor who thanks to them can purchase good quality cheap products which adds immeasurably to the quality of their lives and keeps their expenses down. On top of this corporations employ lots of people unlike small businesses.The critics of Big Business are invariably advocates of Big Government which of course poses the sole,greatest direct existential threat to our lives, liberties freedoms and economic well being.We should praise Big Business,not bury it.

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