Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thou Shalt Not Question Religion

Religions are constructed on the most flimsiest of foundations,another indication of their human provenance.Take  Christ for example,a deluded psychotic who heard voices,thought he could perform miracles and heal people -(corroborated incidentally only by ignorant uneducated peasants)  and became a human sacrifice nailed to a cross to save the sins of the human race - on this basis was created the biggest religion of all time -an absurdity upon an absurdity which even a cursory  examination of would expose as an obvious fraud and nonsense on its very face. This stuff can only be approached in the same way my English teacher taught me to approach the reading of  a novel -with a willing suspension of disbelief,something which apparently religious devotees are all too ready to do.This is the sine qua non of belief for the minute you begin to look critically at this stuff it falls apart.

Muhamud -an illiterate epileptic peasant with a deviant penchant for little girls and by all accounts a serial killer starts to hear voices and another bizarre insane religion is born. The greatest enemy of religion is critical thought,turn it for one second against any of the world religions and their ridiculous claims and assertions crumble like pie crust.

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