Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Madness of King Donald

For a President of the United States to attempt to turn it from the melting pot of the world to North Korea and prevent Americans purchasing cheap products from abroad is so tyranical it beggars belief and is the reason  why psychiatric tests on Trump should be mandatory. When they come back positivie as they only can,  he can then  be unceremoniously bundled out of the Whitehouse. To try and pretend that he likes Ayn Rand and the Fountainhead as he has does -presumably on the grounds it is about architects and building -  is  is beyond risible and shows his concrete bound view of the world where abstractions,concepts and ideas are completely absent from his mental realm. This is a dangerous autocrat subject to capricious whims and arbitrary dictat issuing which is why he has such an affinity with Putin another thuggish demagogue who invokes religion to justify his psychopathy.

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