Monday, February 27, 2017


As I wrote a few weeks ago before last week's bi election results, Ukip had to have a death wish  re its hapless and absurd new leader  Nuttal  and so it proved to be with their ignominious defeat in Stoke last week which is surely the final proof positive that the party is going through its last painful death throes but characteristically in the form of farce more than tragedy. It is beyond dispute that Ukip was Farage and Farage was Ukip and since he relinquished the helm of the party it has resembled nothing more than a listing Titanic with its passengers fighting among themselves for deckchairs. There is nothing to be lamented in this as Ukip is little more than a rehash of Labour with its anti capitalist corporatist memes and its whoring after Labour votes so it is no great loss.The job was done,kudos to Farage but his party's demise will make the formation of a genuine bona fide anti Left party somewhat easier.

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