Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Up On Housing Project Hill of Beans

The housing market crisis! What market? Nothing is less of a market than the housing market. And have you noticed how every area the State is involved in is under rationing? Education -do you feel postcode lucky Punk? Health - NHS -its not even funny anymore as since its inception it has been rationed and lurched from on crisis to another to the point now of possible complete collapse, the socialist dream cum nightmare collapsing like the Berlin wall.

Housing has been quasi nationalised since the end of the second world war with massive council housing building,then the housing benefit system,regulations planning restrictions,so called nimbyism, environmentalist obstructionism,green belt fetishisation, taxation,every such State intervention another distortion of an already totally compromised and hobbled market and endless governement 5 year plans has created a Sovietised housing system leaving generations homeless and priced out of a rigged market.

What's the chance that a State that cannot punish criminals,fight wars -the very things it exists to do where necessary is going to be able to solve a housing crisis that it created to begin with?

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