Monday, February 06, 2017

Faith Schools - Child Abuse?

The man-made evil of religion finds its greatest manifestation in Faith Schools -the deliberate and wanton indoctrination of young minds into the warped ideology of faith with its life negating misanthropism, engendering a distrust of anyone outside the particular sect in question, fostering alienation as social policy and breeding mistrust and hostility among faiths and inverting moral values in the name of a loving God. How can this be viewed as anything other than systematic institutionalised child abuse? Indeed it is no accident that religious organisations appear to specialize in actual child abuse,using the cover of their faith to avoid detection and enable them to perpetrate their heinous life destroying depradations upon their innocent and captive charges with seeming impunity

In the 21st century it is surely way past time this  promulgation of pernicious primitive.anti scientific anti reason irrationalist obscurantism was no longer sanctioned and  financed in the name of education by taxpayers leaving those who seek to hobble their offspring with this deleterious indoctrination to get their funding from their church and pay for it themselves rather than implicating society at large in this egregious act of superstition pedaling and mind control.

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