Friday, February 17, 2017

Class Act

Class is fetishised by the Left but it merely denotes achievement and talent and in a free society people can move up and down the class scale by effort and skill and only in sclerotic ossified hidebound autocratic states is there class stasis and immobility. In the 80's when Thatcher deregulated the economy this freed up the stratified structures and produced the phenomenon of the Yuppie -the upwardly mobile young and it is highly significant that it pleased the Left not one jot as they saw their power base shift under them and former Labour voters turned to Thatcherism for liberation and to facilitate social economic advancement.It became apparent that rather than welcoming and being pleased about working class liberation upwards the Left hated feared and resented this process and wanted the working class kept in their place to be patronised and condescended to by them. So much for the idea that the Left hates the class system as it is clear that they had a vested interest in its perpetuation. The sneering inverted snobbery of the Left regarding those who rose out of their working class background is one of the many indictments against them and a major cause of their fall from power and the leaching away of their base support from which they have not recovered to this day.

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