Monday, February 20, 2017

What's the Meaning of Life?

What's the meaning of life is really a trick question loaded with premises regarding the supposed and unsubstantiated existence of an entitity from another dimension ie God who is directing all human affairs and who has to be contacted by means of craven obesiance to get instruction on how to live life. There is no meaning of life apart from the individual,it does not exist outside of the individual's personal space and experience but on the contrary is entirely dependent upon every individual's action or inaction,effort or lack of it,direction or lack of it,purpose,drive initiative,industry and goals. Meaning is not floating around independent of the individual but is entirely dependent on that individuals self actuating behaviour.To ask the question what is the meaning of life itself is to unwittingly subject oneself to helpless passivity,fatalism,determinism and philosophical abdication of one's life and existence.

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