Thursday, February 02, 2017

God V America

A country built on the principle of a separation of Church and State cannot elect an atheist president and the latter is barred from office as an unbeliever -incredible! A man can be a known and self avowed sexual predator,and mysoginist but only has to mouth some asinine religious sentiments to indicate he is a' reformed' character and gets voted in as president.Should it not be religious belief that bars someone from holding high office or becoming a top  judge?

The only wall that should be erected is the Jeffersonian one between Church and State and to so violate Constitutional principles by dragging God into public office is one of the most flagrant violations of core principles in the history of the US. Do we now have a Theocracy,a Democracy or a Republic?

Instead of religion being a private matter between the believer and his conscience it is now used as a stepping stone  and sine qua non for political office and an atheist dare not express his belief and risks persecution and denunciation for doing so -the world is turned on its head and has become fit only for religious frauds charlatans and mountebanks -cometh the hour cometh the Trump.

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