Saturday, February 04, 2017

3 Jeers for Democracy?

Democracy has done such a great publicity job on itself that most people think an absence of it can only lead to tyranny. Well it could of course but it ain't necessarily so. How about freedom instead? The need to avoid this debate is paramount for the Democracy advocates as the minute the subject is broached one can see the fallacy of the end of Democracy leads to tyranny argument for what it is -an attempt to scare people off from even contemplating what could replace it and  safeguard all the precious things such as liberty and freedom that Democracy has deprived people of from its very inception and miss characterisation as the greatest manifestation of civilization - rather than what it actually represents I would posit,its nadir.

How  anyone could have thought that mob rule through the ballot box would lead to a civil polity is beyond belief but maybe Democracy itself is indeed best understood as a secular religion - the Augustinian I believe because it is unbelievable - but it certainly defies all rational analysis.If politics has become a religion there is an increasing sign however that more and more people are becoming agnostic towards it if not downright atheistic.The time has never been more favourable for a movement to emerge against the very concept of Democracy and its mob rule illiberal manifestations.

The present semi global insurgency movement as I have repeated many times is the very antithesis of such a movement for although it dresses itself as anti establishment it is the most establishment statist illiberal composition imaginable and will set back the freedom movement for decades if the idea that it is pro liberty becomes the established wisdom. Never has any movement flown under such false colours which makes it profoundly dangerous in that it parasites off the concept of liberty whilst robbing people of it at the same time, and most calamitously of all when it leads to disaster as it only can, people will then fatally conclude  that liberty itself is suspect and reject it. This is why it is so paramount now to take a stand for liberty and individual rights and point out that the biggest threat to them is the twin evils of Trump alt rightism and Democracy itself -the first of course being merely a logical conclusion and ugly excrescence of the second rather than its alleged opposite.

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