Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scourge of Mysticism

New Age mysticism is old age mysticism in modern jargon. Without the baleful influence of religion the New Age movement would never have emerged to blight and stunt the lives of millions of gulled fools with its empty promises,vague incantatory doggrel and false hope of result without effort.A whole industry of piffle has robbed people of their lives and reduced them to passive recipients of the reverberations of supernatural emanations, claptrap, mind shrivelling ambition destroying nonsense.Effort and reason or mindless passivity are the only choices for human beings,in other words, life and purpose or a living death of passivity,hope and unreason and the unfocused drift it engenders and necessitates.With nothing but centuries of tradition between religion and New Ageism thee is not an iota of moral difference between them as both beget inertia disintegration, morribund passivity dissolution and death.

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