Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rise and Fall of Milo

As I predicted the popinjay Milo has had a spectacular fall from grace the details of which I have not followed too closely as I find him a profoundly unsympathetic sickening character in all his bizarre contradictions and self publicising vacuity but it can only be a good thing that the alleged bette noire of the Left has been deposed and maybe a more serious assault on the Left can be mounted that has some substance to it rather than the meritricious froth that Milo proffered that actually brought the anti left argument into disrepute to say nothing of his disastrous and lamentable flirtation with Alt Right Nazism or at the very least a connivance and support of it and the endorsing of Trump and the religious fundamentalism he advocated and espoused although directly contradicted in his overt flamboyant promiscuous lifestyle. All of it may hopefully be swept away with his ignominious fall and perhaps a useful lesson drawn from the whole debacle,namely that just because you can say almost anything does not mean that you have to or indeed should.

There is a principled intellectual rational philosophical argument and alternative to left wing collectivism and it is not an emotional right wing collectivism that Milo embodied. He never was a counter to the Left and it will be a good thing if he now returns to well earned obscurity so that a genuine war against the Left can be waged.

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