Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Collectivist Delusions

After the great God Delusion the second most important delusion the public should really divest itself of is the Great Left - Right Delusion. Nothing has caused more confusion than this deliberate deception. I freely admit to being taken in by it myself for over 30 years. It is of course the idea that the Left and Right are opposites and it is upon this great lie that global politics has fed and flourished for over a century pitching people against one another in faux opposition and driving forward the statist agenda under cover of political plurality. But the clues were there right from the start. From the Bismarkian rightist militarist Welfarism to Hitler with his socialist programmes the differences with the Left were always only very superficial and presentational,one of tone more than substance and the results of course were all but identical,mass graves,totalitarian horror,war,slavery,genocide.

 Right up to the present day the Left Right Delusion persists with Trump and his Republican Socialism and Bernie Sanders economics.One has to hope that people will finally see through the Left Right Delusion as the statist trick it is to create a false opposition between two versions of the exact same thing and reject this hydra headed monster of collectivism in favour of freedom,liberty and individual rights within the only system that protects,ensures and facilitates them,namely capitalism.

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