Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ponzi Faith

No matter how big and seemingly plausible a Ponzi scheme is sooner or later it will be exposed and its operators thrown in jail. Bernie Madoff was the biggest perpetrator of Ponzi fraud but there are gazillions of other smaller operators and they all come a cropper sooner or later but imagine a fail- safe Ponzi scheme that only promised reward after death -the ultimate never to be exposed Ponzi! I wish I had thought of that one ha ha.The religious folk got there first however and it has been the gift that keeps on giving for centuries and they are still plying their lucrative trade in fraud to this very day.There is a sucker born every minute said the illusionist PT Barnum and it is upon such credulity that every religion builds its church. One is tempted to say against one's libertarian instincts that such such hucksters should be banned from this fraud of extracting monies under false pretenses but for some reason they have legal immunity so it just goes on. Will there ever come a day when the human race leaves behind this primitive urge for immortality and drops its need for superstition and false comfort and becomes truly human and rational I wonder?

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