Saturday, February 18, 2017

Business Rapes

With business rate hikes of over 50% coming in April (appropriately and with mordant cynicism on the 1st) with costs going up in the tens of thousands to small businesses in some cases any lingering notion that the Conservatives are business friendly should be well and truly put to rest, for when it comes to depradating entrepreneurship and persecuting business there is no moral difference whatsoever between them and Labour. One wonders when it will finally sink in to the business world that Conservativism is every bit as much hostile,inimical and a threat to it than the Left and to stop supporting it, voting for it and filling its coffers.To carry on doing so in the light of this latest direct frontal assault on enterprise and business would be masochistic and suicidal on its part. Now more than ever a political party that is openly and proudly pro capitalist is required that will also expose the Conservative party for the execrable statist collectivist business-hostile party that it so plainly is.

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