Sunday, February 05, 2017

Give Me Inequality or Give Me Death

If you want equality go to f****** North Korea. Inequality is good,nay essential as a distinguisher between good and bad, competence and incompetence, quality and dross, achievement and non achievement,industry and sloth,creativity and rote imitation. Far from seeking to eradicate it by government intervention it should be cherished as an invaluable indicator of value versus non value. The very reason the Left hate it is the reason we should value and seek to protect it by laissez faire hands off State delimitation. The equality drive is a collectivist argument from scarcity -there is only a limited amount of stuff and its government's job to 'redistibute' it 'fairly' ie take from those who have created it and give to those who have not. The only claim those who have not created it have on those who have is their need which trumps justice,equity and all concepts in a civilised society of moral right.

As a cursory glance at reality will show there is no finite stuff,it is created by the individual mind and is limited only by the extent of knowledge and creativity he or she can bring to bear on any given endeavour. The idea that the fruits of their labour should be taken from them and given to those who have done nothing beyond just existing indicates a culture and social system bereft of moral principles and values which has become a predatory communistic collectivist dystopia. This is what is held up as morality and desiderata by our political elites.

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