Friday, February 10, 2017

The Cancer of Religious Faith

When I was a believer in what I can now see was a very vaguely defined  Christianity, I will freely admit to hating the humanity. It really does go with the territory. From the bible,surely the most evil man made document ever we are told 'love of the world is emnity with God'. Hatred of the human race is therefor mandatory for a believer! I was into the very deservedly little known  self styled guru and all round fake called Roy Masters who I have had the displeasure to write about before and he would come out with such gems as 'even for the best of us life is a living hell'  and 'heaven forbid I should die before my wife and leave her alone on this miserable earth' and 'my wife understands people better than me because she has a snake's eye view of things' and so on, ad nauseam. This is the pure hatred that religiosity engenders as a matter of course,a malevolent world view,toxic and misanthropic, replete with bile and rancour yet presenting  itself at the same time as benign and loving. Who needs a philosophy like that and where can it possibly lead but to nihilism and self imiseration?The record of all religions and the horror they have left in their wake down the centuries is hardly surprising animated as they all are with such a malign eschatology.

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