Thursday, February 09, 2017

National Health Shipman Service?

We do not pay other people's house or life insurance so why do we pay other people's health insurance? Why is the health service run on a socialist ideology that has been widely discredited, exploded and rejected pretty much around the world except for North Korea and Cuba? Why is the media silent on this matter? We tell our children that Santa Claus doesn't exist sooner or later don't we? Maybe we should give a name to our collective denial about the NHS -how about Nhsosis - an irrational fear of pointing out that socialism cannot run a whelk stall let alone a complex health system?

It is thought tasteless to invoke Harold Shipman re the NHS? No what is tasteless,nay downright immoral obscene and evil is to knowingly attempt to operate a health system on socialist principles when you know fully well and for a fact that it  cannot possibly work and will result in the deaths of millions of people but will serve the most important purpose of all, namely allowing you to feel good and virtuous  about your belief in socialism - that, I would submit, is beyond evil.

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