Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Milo Yappopolis and the Mindless Politics of Fear

 Milo Yanopolis is a  meritricious popinjay, Queen of the facile shallow glibberatti, the poster boy/ girl/ of Trumpism that weird conflation of sense and nonsense,libertarianism and Statism delivered at breakneck breathless speed of sound,a toxic concoction of faux individualism and outright nativism bordering on the Fascist. He minces across a fuzzy line of white supremacy and cultural triumphalism alternating at will in a verbal sleight of hand that perhaps only the fleet of mind can detect or  unpackage and hence his effectiveness on the frontline of the culture wars as its self elected spokesman.

A digital dotty diva of the digessive he has popularized the anti concept meme of the Alt right which is an incoherent rag bag of contradictory positions signifying nothing, a wail of unfocused rage at reality that will not conform to the emotional incontinence of America's so called dispossessed who wanted a job for life in a European style regulated taxed subsidised Statist economy hedged in by protectionist tarriffs -an economic wall to match the concrete one Trump is promising to erect on the Mexican border to keep reality at bay, a Berlin Wall with America in the role of East Germany. What an enticing prospect indeed!

As if to leaven this lump of political insanity Milo throws in a dollop of Christianity for good measure, appealing to the irrational religious right who take their mysticism neat and like nothing more than to have their subjectivist emotionalist faith validated even if it is done by a self confessed faggot who engages in mindless homosexualencounters with black men for whom he has a predeliction that never goes unmentioned in his self publicising interview pantomime performances.

One suspects this prissy bottle blonde, a Meine Camp of vacuity will have a very short shelf life, will sparkle and fizzle like a Roman candle and then putter out into a well earned obscurity from which he sprung.

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