Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meanwhile on Planet Venezuela..

Sooner or later if you live in a full blown socialist country you end up not even being able to wipe your arse.(No toilet paper) The Mad.uro President  raises the minimum wage - to 40%. George Osbourne eat your heart out! Still it prefigures what a Corbyn government woud look like so we don't have to go through it ourselves. On the issue of Venezuela the Left of course are silent. What is there to say. Best ignore it and hope people will not notice whats going on there.

It was ok for a while when oil was riding high and the charismatic but mad Hugo Chavez-Gaucho Marx was holding the country together on inflated rhetoric alone but he shuffled off his bloated  mortal coil and the big fat communist basket case  that is Venezuela has no place to hide anymore.

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