Friday, November 04, 2016

The Rise of Liberal Fascism

We saw the New Left Fascism at work yesterday with the legal activism in the courts  staging a defacto coup to overturn the democratic will of the people in the Brexit referendum.They seek to tie parliament in knots and force a general election ie the second referendum they have been seeking ever since the result in June. This  cannot be allowed to succeed and must be resisted with life and limb.. The Liberal Fascists have revealed their true colours. Democracy was the fig leaf for their illiberal assault on individual freedoms and they lauded it from the rooftops but the moment the democratic process produced a result they could not abide the Democracy mask was whipped off and the cold dark sinister face of the Liberal Fascist was exposed in all its putrescence and vile noisome evil. So lets hear no more from these bleating Liberals about Democracy. We never believed in it yet they claimed they did. Now lets have a real debate about Democracy versus Liberty and bring about a Capitalist Republic.

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