Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Who Will Speak for and Defend Capitalism?

Those who will not defend capitalism are colluding in its downfall. There are precious few in the public arena who will stand up and defend freedom and liberty from the State's encroachment on it and none of the mainstream political parties are prepared to see it as anything other than a necessary evil to be regulated and controlled to the point of attenuation. The public is lukewarm about it because the intellectual establishement who have a strangle hold on the educational citadels are so downright hostile to it and have given it such a bad press to the point of demonisation that no one is prepared to stand up and protect it on moral ethical philosophical grounds.

Until and unless the business world can recognise that Conservatism and capitalism far from being synonymous are mutually exclusive and incompatible the capitalist system will continue to be eroded and they will be funding its downfall. The eerie silence or non existence of capitalism's supporters means it is only a matter of time before Western Democracies get swallowed up in collectivist movements from both Left and Right and freedom and liberty are no more - the signs of which tendency are all around us today.

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