Thursday, March 30, 2017

If EU Leave Me Now

The look on Eurocrat Donald Tusk's face was priceless - total dispirited dejection,loss, rejection,depression -marvellous! Now he knows what the UK has felt like for decades under the repressive tyranny and arbitrary rule of Brussels with its Byzantine laws and Kafka like obsfuscatory caprice. Yes the negotiations will be difficult because the EU and its component parts is treacherous,duplicitous,dishonest  which is the very reason  why we are leaving in the first place.It will cuts its nose off to spite its face and sacrifice economics to politics because it is hell bent on an ideological project that can only lead to disaster. Its institutions are corrupt and crumbling but it continues to plot and scheme to increase its size and scope. It never was about free trade but a protectionist bloc and we are well off out of it,free to do international trade with the world and its parts that are not dying and decaying like the EUzone.

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