Sunday, March 05, 2017

Essays in Legal Madness

As heinous as child pornography undoubtedly is there is something sinister and totalitarian in prosecuting those who merely look at it on the internet.This is the worst example of non objective law in practice. The sheer evil of paedophillia seems to have warped society's moral sense of justice and distorted its  judgement throwing all legal precedent out the window. Would anyone be charged and arrested for example with burglary for merely watching a video featuring a compilation of burglaries, ditto car crashes,or terrorist acts? To ask the question alone is to see the absurdity of it all but when it comes to paedophillia all reason has fled and major injustices are the result. At the same time this Alice in Wonderland approach to law is being enacted we have the story this week of the government announcing that 4 year old children will be given mandatory sex education in schools which will turn all teachers into de facto paedophiles tasked with grooming infants.

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