Sunday, March 12, 2017

Greatest Scam in Human History?

After religion democracy has to be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on civilization. Think of it. The very thing that promises liberty and freedom actually enslaves people so comprehensively that all autonomy worth having is eliminated. How has it it fooled so many people for so damn long? Is human credulity bottomless? Whatever rage is abroad is misdirected against democracy for not providing people with all the goodies they have come to expect.The masses are crying for more bread and circuses and the politicians are not about to tell them they are crying for the wrong thing.They will placate them with more government,more entitlements,never any home truths as their job depends upon them not delivering anything related to reality.The politicians lie and the people demand the lies.Both will spiral down into the vortex of  social collapse and anarchy. The relationship between state and people is that of prostitute and client:disimulation and deception.

When human autonomy is subordianted to majority vote the only outcome will be rage and frustration. How long will human beings carry on doing the same thing expecting a different result? How can the individual survive in such a system?A veritable torture chamber of the mind,the enslavement of the mind to serve the caprice of the masses,such is the horror of Democracy and the fact that it is held in near universal regard as the highest form of human organisation shows how far the human race has to go before it becomes fully human. If it makes it that is.

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